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Every product you've recommended has been a success for me since finding you on Etsy last December. From that 1st ritual, Return to Sender, I was sold. That ritual alone has made a huge difference in the success and abundance I have experienced this year. Not knowing why or how I kept encountering the negativity I was experiencing had me thinking I deserved bad luck, but I am forever grateful I took that chance to give you and your manifesting abilities a try. Then I tried the bath/body collection along with the conjure oils & candles and to my surprise I saw movement before my order was shipped! You got my vote and loyalty! I'm truly convinced the Divine connection you have in the Spirit world is much deeper than even you can fathom, and you were Definitely what the doctor ordered.

- Stacy Davis - Return to Sender Evil Eye Removal, personal Honey jar, several products + services

I was a little skeptical because I've had work performed by others that left me unsatisfied, but a close friend referred me to Amelioration Magick after she successfully bagged a higher paying position that she will be the 1st to admit to being under qualified for. After she showed me how much she was now bringing home since you performed the Conqueror ritual for her, I decided to give you a try - and all I can say is WOW!!!! And thank you of course! Never in a million years would I have believed that success could be mine - yet here I Am earning well over 100k a year and I'm not a college graduate, just good at what I do. I'm telling you Phoenix, honey, you are truly a manifesting generator, Master Visionary and everything in between! And the fact that my results were already coming together before I even received email confirmation of the ritual being completed proved to me that your connection to the spiritual world is deep and REAL! With REAL RESULTS that are life changing. I received my promotion; a corner office And I got my man back! Just like Spirit predicted, everything came together, and it happened so quickly that I still feel like I'm living in a scene from a movie, lol, but this was the push I needed to believe I do deserve happiness, love and abundance. Now that me and my man are taking things more seriously, we'll both be back for the love sessions to assist in our positive growth as one for relationship longevity as well as the hypnotherapy sessions you recommended to assist in my own personal transformation. The conjure oils you sent as a gift are on Point - Crushing on Me condition oil has my confidence in myself at an all-time high, but that Stranger on the Train keeps my bedroom on extra nasty if you catch my drift, lol. If you told me my life was going to drastically improve by this time last year, I would've called you a liar! But you are the Truth! Honey you are definitely my go-to magic Guru from now on! I'm so thankful I took that chance cause w/o you girl I'd still be stuck in the trenches! - Jessica T. Custom Root Work

Finding Amelioration Magick was a life changing moment for me, but finding out how committed you are to the growth of those around you and beyond renewed my faith in the unseen forces beyond the veil! Wielding light in the midst of darkness takes practices but being able to use the pain from your own personal trauma to offer Real healing + Real transformation in the lives of others shows your strength and courage to be a difference maker in the face of adversity. You earned your title as the Master Visionary & Manifestations Generator with the true ability to facilitate change with a single vision!

- Renee O. - Custom Jar Work, divination, Sacred Golden Flame Transformational Hypnotherapy, bath/body products, etc.

These are just a few reviews I've received since I have completely committed myself to being of service to Spirit and my community for a much-needed healing change...

All reviews are from clients, old & new. Loyal clients that I consider to be the true essence of how & why my magic became the transformative force in my life and that of so many others.

Are you ready for the master vision that will manifest your newly, improved magical Life?